2023: Prophet El-Buba leads Peter Obi’s mega rally in Jos


 Ahead of the 2023 general choices, a group appealed to Nigerians not to bounce for loose politicians, prompting them to bounce for campaigners like the Labour Party presidential seeker, Peter Obi, who has the country’s interest at heart. 


 The group reprobated the precarious situation the country has set up itself in as a result of the myriad of challenges occasioned by the poor leadership. 

Convener of the group, Prophet Isa El- Buba, made the exposure while addressing thousands of Peter Obi sympathizers before the inception of the Plateau Mega Rally/ Fitness Walk for Good Governance in Nigeria, held at the Rwang Pam Township Stadium in Jos, the Plateau State Capital. 


 El- Buba said, “ I want to appeal to Nigerians not to bounce for loose politicians who have pillaged our storeroom. 

“ Vote for people who have the interest of the common man at heart. 


 “ That's why we've decided to throw our weight behind Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential seeker because we've seen what he has done as Governor of Anambra State and his antecedents show he's someone that can bring us out of the forestland. 

“ We came then to supplicate for a better Nigeria, and also sensitise the populace about the forthcoming choices, ” he maintained. 


 Also speaking, Alexander Janpak Converner/ fellow Plateau State Support Group, with effective presence in all 17 LGAs and Wards in the state, said, “ Peter Obi’s movement is a williwaw occasioned by the over two decades of continued republic that has produced a generation of democratically conscious youths antedating a generation suppressed and subdued by dragging military rule, raised to ‘ observe ahead complain.' ” 

 According to him, “ The only stopgap for emancipation and freedom which lies in education is manifesting gradationally, and rearing its head in the Peter – Datti movement. 


 “ A divagation from the norm of political parties manipulation through delegates, offering a seeker produced by a credibly fair and transparent primary election under the aegis of Labour Party. 

“ Peter Obi’s – Ahmed Datti candidature offers a unique occasion for Nigerians to produce the leadership they ask different from the old political style of loftiest endeavor takes all – Nigeria isn't for trade. 


 “ Nelson Mandela said, and I quote “ The world won't admire Africans until Nigeria earns that respect. The black people of the world need Nigeria to be great as a source of pride and alleviation ”. 

“ This movement is an each- inclusive struggle for all the black people of the world generally, and Nigerians in particular. 


 “ The superordinate thing is for power to return to the people from the elites. Peter Obi and Ahmed Datti will be awarded with another term when they perform, or shown the way out should they do the negative, ” he stressed. 

The event featured a short prayer session before pacing on a match to the State Secretariat Junction in Jos, while thousands gathered; songs, banners, and posters were carried in support of the candidature of Peter Obi( Plateau is biddable), among others. 


 The procession led to serious business deadlock in the major thoroughfares of Jos megalopolis. 

2023: Prophet El-Buba leads Peter Obi’s mega rally in Jos  2023: Prophet El-Buba leads Peter Obi’s mega rally in Jos Reviewed by Pryme Obedience on September 17, 2022 Rating: 5

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