LIFESTYLE: How do you price your self!

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 How do you price yourself

 Some single people don't even know who to look out for when they are about to get married, or what to look out for. You don't just fall in love because that's what people are doing. You know? If you are worried about people and everybody. See, focus on yourself, love yourself, be nice to yourself. 

Nobody is really coming to rescue you, because some people think "you know, I am just tired of this life. If I can just find the right person, I'll be happy". No it doesn't really work that way, you must first be happy before you can find the right person.  

If you don't love yourself, nobody can love you to your satisfaction. The way this life works, nobody will increase your value for you. I've never seen anybody that goes to the market and they tell him the price of this thing is #2000 and he says, let me pay #4000. What I've seen is when people say it's #2000 , they try to price it down. 

Look inwardly and value yourself, don't go about looking for people to tell you your worth but you can ask God who created you your value.

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